Black version of Bold Entrepreneurship

It's more than just a name...

The BOLD Ethos: A Story of Impact

There are many different reasons why people choose to become an Entrepreneur. 

It could be to create WEALTH - The freedom of thriving financially.

It could be for PASSION - The joy of creating something from nothing.

It could be for SATISFACTION - The thrill of solving a problem nobody else can.

It could be for ADVENTURE - The growth of overcoming challenges and obstacles.

For us, a single word comes to mind...


What are we going to leave in our wake?

It is apparent the we, as entrepreneurs, can have a massive impact on the course of the world.

Ever since the rise of Capitalism in the 17th century - business has been, and will continue to be, on the forefront of shaping the entire globe.

But how will we choose to shape it?

A force as strong as capitalism, whose negative impacts can be monumental, has been largely unchecked since it's beginning.

While it's true. It has solved many problems across the globe.

 It has brought with it many new challenges that we must overcome.

How Can Business Have An Impact?

Some of the challenges we currently face as a species are.... Monumental.

From the distribution of wealth around the world (If you're reading this, you are likely in the top 1%)

To the existential crisis of climate change.

We have some problems that the smartest people in the world have yet to solve.


While politicians argue

While activists protest

While charities struggle

We need a new breed of person to step in

Enter The Bold Entrepreneur

These problems will not go away on their own.

We can ALL do our part in solving them - all 7.8 billion of us.

But there are a special few who will do more than their fair share.

Who will go above and beyond in the line of duty.

Who will use all the tools given to them - and rally others behind them.

THESE are our people. 

The people who believe there is more to business that just making a profit. 

The ones who jump headfirst to tackle massive problems

The ones who laugh in the face of adversity 

The ones who aren't afraid to take action

The ones who are BOLD

Our Mission: Support the Bold Entrepreneur

No matter how courageous and action oriented the individual entrepreneur.

They WILL NOT succeed alone.

As with any challenge, assembling a TEAM is mission-critical to success.

Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs - ones who carry the same desire to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world - will give you the best chance at building a thriving business.

Events, forums, communities, mentorship - these are just a few of the resources we strive to bring the Bold Entrepreneurs.

They are the reason we exist.

They are the reason we will all continue to THRIVE as a species.

Long Live the BOLD Entrepreneur

About the Founder

Cameron Arsenault

I caught the bug at 20 - reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" I was awakened to the power and potential of Entrepreneurship.

Ever since then, I've travelled the world in search of ways to use business to have a positive impact on this little sphere we call Planet Earth.

I have a passion for the environment and a never-ending craving for adventure. Nothing inspires me more than being in nature and connecting with other entrepreneurs, planning out how to take over the world - for it's own benefit of course.

Live Bold,