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Lesson #1 - Build Your Audience

Discover how to quickly find hundreds, even thousands of people in the next 24 hours who share your values and would be interested in knowing more about your offer – even if you don’t have an offer yet. 

Lesson #2 - Find Your Buyers

Discover how to turn all that attention into qualified prospects using the T.R.A.I.N. Method. This method is the easiest way to get started and requires ZERO tech set up – perfect for anyone who isn’t tech-savvy!

Lesson #3 - Creating Your Clients

The most important factor in turning prospects into clients is your offer! We’ll walk you through the 7 steps we’ve identified that creates an unparalleled offer that your prospects will happily pay any price for!

Lesson #4 - Impacting Their lives

Discover how to actually ask for the sale without feeling cheesy or pushy. We’ll show you how to effortlessly present your offer in a way that builds good will and gives your prospects a ton of clarity – while also having them eager to become clients

Free Bonus

The Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Guide to Changing the World 
4 Steps That Took Me From Broke & Nearly Homeless to Landing $2,500+ Clients and Travelling the World 

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect – we actually help you craft an amazing offer step by step with our W.I.N.N.I.N.G. Offer Framework inside the program!

That’s not a problem! Until you’re doing consistent $10k+ months,  you don’t need any kind of fancy technology. We’ll show you how to launch your business powerfully with essentially zero tech!

Absolutely! The concepts we cover in the program are all about human nature and what you can do to effectively and ethically communicate with your audience so they’re excited to work with you! So as long as you are selling to humans, we got you covered!

Yes, there are a TON of marketing programs out there showing you how you can make more money. But nobody is showing you how to create Profits with a Purpose. Born from my experience of raising over $800,000 for Non-Profit Organisations, we teach the Mission-Driven Marketing Method. A method which infuses your purpose (Your Mission) into everything you do as a business.

No more feeling like a “used car salesman” trying to convince people to buy your program. 

No problem! It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, so long as you can help people achieve a meaningful change in their life, then we can show you how to get more clients!

We’ve got you covered! We started our business without doing many videos either, so we focus on helping you create amazing content – regardless if you choose to deliver it in video format or not!

No worries! Because this program is recorded, you can go through it at your own pace – so you can go as quick or as slow as you want!

Upon enrolling in the Impact Accelerator, you’ll get immediately get:

  • Access to our entire course library!
  • Access to all our sales and messenger scripts
  • Templates, and examples for content creation, profile optimisation, group creation etc
  • Dedicated Facebook community for members only
  • 24/7 Group and Individual chat support
  • Weekly group coaching calls 
  • Unlimited 1-1 Zoom calls as needed!

Essentially, you are getting everything you need to get your business off the ground and start creating an Impact!

The Impact Accelerator Program comes with a 14 Money-Back Guarantee. 

The program runs for 12 Weeks where you will get full support to get your business up and running and getting your first high-ticket clients!

Absolutely!! You’ll have access to the entire course library for as long as we keep it available to the public. And no, we don’t plan on going anywheres anytime soon!

That’s one of the most common misconceptions – You DO NOT need a certification to be a great coach! Some of the best coaches in the world have zero formal certifications!

As long as you can help clients achieve their desired result, that is all they truly care about!